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I help conscious women entrepreneurs
who struggle with self-doubt,
unlock their full potential and thrive

With my guidance, you learn to:

  • Overcome the fear of not being qualified enough to run your business.
  • Build resilience against the fear of failure and rejection in business ventures.
  • Tackle the anxiety of pricing your services or asking for what you’re worth.
  • Silence the inner critic that questions your decisions and capabilities.

Do these struggles sound familiar?


Persistent self-doubt

Do you often question your abilities and wrestle with self-doubt, especially in your business endeavours?

Many women entrepreneurs struggle with a constant inner critic and doubting their abilities. If you often find yourself second-guessing your choices or fearing that you’re not good enough, my coaching program offers the guidance and support you need to break free from this pattern and rediscover your inner confidence.


Overwhelm and burnout

Do you find yourself constantly struggling to cope with the demands of life?

Running a business can be demanding and overwhelming, often leading to burnout. If you frequently feel drained, exhausted, and unable to find balance between work and personal life, my coaching is designed to help you regain control, find balance, and prevent burnout.


Difficulty setting boundaries

Have you ever said “yes” when you meant “no” but were worried about what would others think?

Women in business often find it challenging to set and maintain healthy boundaries, saying “yes” to too many commitments and neglecting their own needs. If you struggle with boundary-setting and feel stretched thin as a result, my program empowers you to establish boundaries that protect your well-being without compromising your success.


Imposter syndrome

Imposter syndrome can be paralysing, making you feel like a fraud despite your accomplishments.

Imposter syndrome is a pervasive issue among entrepreneurs. If you frequently experience a sense of not belonging or being a “fake” in your own success, my coaching is tailored to help you overcome these feelings and confidently step into your achievements.

Happy clients

See what others thought and how much of an impact coaching had on their lives.

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the session yesterday. It was very interesting to think about the different parts of me in a holistic way. You are a fantastic listener with a calm and friendly approach, just what you need in a coach. And talking through my ‘professional problem’ in such a structured way was extremely helpful. I feel my self-confidence has grown overnight. And I was feeling proud to tell someone in a shop today that I am actually a meditation teacher. We talked a bit further and he offered me the opportunity to do a little session at the River Festival 😀🙏🏼I’m so very grateful to you 🤗

Anne Schuetz

Anne Schuetz

I just wanted to say thank you so much for today, it was really nice to connect with you and you gave me so many insights into myself and the list is really helpful. I know it is a bit overwhelming but it is really helpful and sometimes it just shows by having a chat with someone else how things can work better and they sort of just fall into place a little bit easier, so thank you as I will now sit and incorporate those slowly into my life.

Pritti Saggi

I thoroughly enjoyed my session with you. I was impressed with your knowledge and you were professional at all times. I also appreciated the follow-up phone call as agreed to check on my progress. This motivated me to stay on track so thank you. I like visual aids and so I found the coaching plan very supportive in my journey to meet my coaching aims. Overall, I was hugely satisfied with our work together and would definitely recommend your health coaching service to anyone who requires a holistic and empathetic approach.

Ula Adamek

How I can help you be happier



Ready to overcome your challenges and experience personal transformation? One-to-one coaching is tailored to your unique journey, providing you with motivation, guidance, and dedicated support. Let’s have a conversation about how we can work together to eliminate your struggles and empower you to thrive.


Group programmes

Looking to address specific areas of your wellbeing? My group programmes, conducted both in-person and online, are designed to provide a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Receive notifications about upcoming programs that can help you eliminate your struggles and enhance your overall mood and wellbeing.


Self-help programme

Exciting news! I’m in the process of developing a self-help program that puts the power of change in your hands. This program is your path to eliminate your struggles and achieve a more fulfilling life. Stay updated and be the first to know when it’s available.

Get started now

Still in doubt? Ask yourself:
To figure out if you should go for coaching ask yourself – Will my life change if I don’t?

Ready to transform your life and reach your full potential?

  • Are you frequently challenged by feelings of self-doubt, imposter syndrome, or low self-esteem?
  • Struggling to set and maintain healthy boundaries, often putting others’ needs before your own?
  • Do you find it difficult to visualize and pursue your desired path, both personally and professionally?
  • Are fears, doubts, or limiting beliefs holding you back from reaching your true potential?
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